as part of my self mastery master plan, i put up my old whiteboard today. my friend rachel calls this a "vision board". i'm not sure what that means, but i think it has to do with goals. in that case, i guess you could call it that, but i don't really need to have a fancy name for it. it is a dry erase board that is hung next to my computer. in the past i have found this sort of thing to be very motivational. you can write out your plans (dare i say GOALS?) and then you feel like a loser if you don't do what you said you were going to do. i'm pretty skilled at making excuses and procrastinating, but i have to admit that its a pretty effective way to make yourself get things done, even for a slacker like myself. for example, your friends might come over and see your list and make fun of you for not having crossed anything off. so far i've drawn out a calendar for the month of december, marking the 3-4 days a week i am going to go to the gym. "why go to the gym, that sounds boring?", you say. well, it is boring and i hate it, but i put on about 20-30 pounds since the last time i thought i looked pretty good, and i've had enough. it will be easy to lose weight now that the whiteboard is up, as half the work is already done! now all i have to so is track my progress on the board! i've also made a list of short term (1-2 weeks) targets. of the 4 items listed, i've got 2 taken care of. but then there are of one or two additional items in my head that are not on the list and should be. you see, here's an example of how it takes discipline to do this effectively. hold on a sec... okay, i just wrote down 3 new things. now we're making progress! the most important component to the whiteboard is a short blast of inspiration that i like to read to myself whenever i come face to face with the looming white rectangle. i wrote it down maybe 3.5 years ago, and it helped a lot, although in the span of time that i have NOT had my daily whiteboard confrontations i have no doubt slipped back into my shameful old habits. but its back up now and i have nothing but success to look forward to now because i will be constantly reminded to:
1. don't be fat
2. don't be lame
3. don't be a pussy


whatever. who cares about all that crap, let's rock and roll! all you portland folk had better come out for a rollicking good time this weekend. ANCIENT AGE is playing not one, but TWO killer shows this weekend. you can bet your sweet... well, its going to be fun. come get rocked.

friday at the east end at 10:00
performing with Earthless

saturday at slabtown at 9:00
performing with Rabbits and Akimbo

it'll go something like this:



cdb said...

I remember those exact instructions being written on your whiteboard back when you were in Atl.

Also, it's a shame I'm all the way across the country. Earthless is pretty cool, and Akimbo is really great. Hate that I'm missing those shows.

verabee said...

You are the cutest ever, my sugarplum.

davidxow said...

hey germ! i am totally inspired. now if only i could stop working on other peoples projects and focus on my own....
off to buy a white wippee board!

j.spake said...

hmmm... about those other people's projects...