coraline is now out on DVD! buy it here, or here.

as far as i know, laika sent all of the coraline crew members a parcel like the one above sometime last week. inside that handsome wrapper is a copy of the 2 disc coraline dvd. thanks fellas! this is the version of the DVD that has the most extras and bonus features. apparently the blu-ray has even more stuff, but i don't own a player. does anyone know if the shorts from the website are on the blu-ray? if anyone knows the scoop on the additional features, fill me in. as for this edition, i really enjoyed watching the bonus features and seeing so many crew buddies get a little bit of screen time. if you pay close attention to the puppet making doc, you just might see someone you know! (ahem)


jriggity said...


I spotted ya in the special features.


Aaaamory said...

No, the spots from the website are not on the blu-ray.

Aaaamory said...

Oh wait, I haven't been able to properly watch the picture-in-picture blu-ray feature. There's a picture-in-picture animatic, and also a picture-in-picture behind-the-scenes videos during certain parts of the movie. If the spots from the website are on the blu-ray I would expect that's where they might be. It's just that my husband's computer is not fast enough to handle that feature so I can't watch it properly to find out.

j.spake said...

thanks for the info! i bought the blu-ray even though i don't own a player. only a matter of time, i guess.

Patrick Kenney said...

It appears that the videos on Coraline.com are exclusive to the site. They are not in the PIP, or the Tours/Voice sessions.