Back to the Grind(er)

the trip back to georgia was a good choice. i think i needed to rekindle the drawl just a little bit. hell, i shot a gun. it was a great change, being able to spend time with the family without having a holiday in the way to dictate the terms of my visit. outside of the family, i got to see almost everybody i wanted to see. two weeks seems like a lot of time, but it gets by quicker than you think it will. it was really great to see all of my friends from back home. i know its cliché to say it, but when i get back together with some of those guys it feels like i was never gone. it makes me really happy to know i've got such great friends in my life, even if i don't get to see some of them very often anymore.

i also got to see a few of my favorite things which are not people...

back home i tried to get the new studio up and running. okay, i knew that would not really happen AT ALL, but i wanted to get the ball rolling, at least. did i previously mention getting studio space? okay, yeah i have. jeez, it has been a long time since that last post, sorry guys! so yeah, i got in there and tried to get some work spaces put together. rachel and i spent most of every day that week building stuff and trying to figure out what was going to where. i think we got most of it figured out, but its always going to be a work in progress. for now, i'm just looking forward to getting back in there and getting some work done. here's what my little area looked like about 2 weeks ago.

after being in atlanta for two weeks, followed by about 5 days back home in portland, i have now moved on to the north hollywood for an extended work trip. i've been here for two weeks so far, and the end has yet to be determined. i am making some puppets for some buddies of mine, and after this particular job is finished it looks like i might be doing something for a more shadowy group. i can't really say much more than that, but it has been really great so far. for the most part. i have been pretty outspoken in the past about how much i think LA sucks, but i have been having a really nice time, so i guess i'm starting to change my mine a little bit. (how about that rocky IV monologue at the end where he says "if i can change, you can change! we can all change!". yeah!) since i've been here i've been able to meet a LOT of great new people and i've been able to see some people IRL who i've previously only "met" online. good stuff all around. i guess right now the main thing i'm feeling is "lucky". it is such a gift to be able to do stuff like this for awesome people and in the process be able to meet and work with even more awesome people...
but on a slightly less inspirational note, i spent a lot of last week just drilling holes...

i'll keep you guys posted. maybe one day i'll make it back to portland!

p.s. the last time i checked, coraline was about $100,000 short of matching NMBC's domestic box office numbers. that's crazy!


Ward Jenkins said...

Come back, Jeremy! Come back!

mefull said...

I'm not buying it!, you can't make me say it.

Every time I have to drive to LA I ask myself - how do people do it. How do they drive in this everyday?

And then after 20 years San Diego turned into what LA used to be. So I guess you just do it- and you get used to it.

I still hate going to LA, but there is no arguing there is a ton of stuff going on there. Lots of opportunities and cool people doing fun stuff.

Glad to hear you are working on some fun projects - even if it involves drilling lots of holes.

Hey when are we going to see some Coraline armatures??

chris said...

blogger.. oh ya? funny i randomly check this thing and you post 2 days before. im in luck.

going back to atlanta is always a nice change. im really enjoying the trips we take up to new hampshire to see teneisha's family. not saying i dislike the west coast, but theres something about the east coast you cant explain.

LA huh? i guess i didnt realize you were so close? how long are you there? im getting married in 2 weeks or so.. but after that, id like to hang out if you have time.

all the best,