somewhere i think i said i was going to be doing a post a week... anybody remember that?

thing is, you get busy. and i got BUSY!

as i write this, i'm happy to say that i am back home in beautiful portland, oregon for the rest of what i hope will be a mild-weathered, relaxing summer. well, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

i feel like there is a lot to catch up on. a quick look at my calendar tells me that i left for atlanta on march 9th and returned home to portland on the 23rd, only to leave again on the 28th for LA, where i remained until the 9th of may. for one heavenly week i enjoyed the comforts of home before heading back down to LA on the 17th, for another month, this time driving back in a rented SUV packed to the brim with tools and containers of toxic chemicals and explosives. i feel like just yesterday i was making dinner for valentine's with my sweetheart, and here it is... over FOUR months later? jeez.

i guess i covered the atlanta trip already. totally cool.

first leg of the LA trip was probably more eventful than the second. i was very lucky to get a chance to see my bloody valentine perform an unannounced show at the el ray theater in a sort of warm up for their appearance at coachella the next weekend. thanks to my pal david for the assist! i never ever thought i would get to see that band perform, and it lived up to my hopes. it was a bit of adventure actually getting to the venue, but it was well worth the trouble. big thanks go to jon for lending me his trusty yellow truck, which allowed me to get out and eat a nice lunch from time to time. other than that, i pretty much worked 75-85 hour a week. somehow i still managed to spend way too much on LPs at amoeba records. can't talk about the work though. not specifically, anyway. i'd like to acknowledge the huge contribution my pal and studio mate shea bordo has made to our collective puppet making efforts as of late. we've become quite the unstoppable force. seriously.

second trip to LA... nothing but work. only work. work. again, i would be a total jerk if i didn't openly state my vast appreciation for our amazing interns, and especially the secret weapons who go by the names of john sumner, and dexter caseres.

what now? we're still getting settled in over at the "new" studio. heading over there now to install some more shelving and do boring stuff like that. maybe by the end of the week i'll have a puppet build up to show off. i DO have my own projects, you know!

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