yikes! i'm just taking a moment to come up for air over here. i'm very happy to say that i have been quite busy lately making all sorts of exciting things both related to puppets, and... not. good stuff!

since my last posting i've completed... 1... 2... 3... 4... THREE armatures of varying degrees of sophistication. from simple open hole jointed guy to a pretty swanky 16 inch tall hinge and swivel dude. see, i can do an armature for every budget! well, maybe.

here's a stupid pic of the simplest one. all open hole construction 01 tool steel with some nice animator friendly grab blocks. i made this for a young animator named brad schaffer, who i met in LA while working at buddy system studios earlier this year. it seems like brad has been extremely busy with various internships, attending calarts, and part time freelance work, so i can't imagine how he's managing to work on a personal film as well. i was happy to contribute to his project, and i wish him luck in its completion!

by the way, i was just double checking some links, and i noticed that the fellas at buddy system just redesigned their website, and i have to say their updated reel looks really awesome. remind me to tell you about the making of the crash test dummy looking guy in some of those clips. good times!

a couple of weeks ago i had a great opportunity to go out in the middle of NOWHERE in the desert and work on a very cool live action shoot. can't say much more about it, but the crew was great, and it was super fun. it seems like a lifetime ago that i used to do live action art dept stuff, but working this job made me kind of nostalgic for the good old days working with my friends back in atlanta.

and since she helped me so much with my pumpkin headed doofus, it is only fair that i brag on my pal paloma. she's going to be featured in the emerging designer showcase during portland fashion week. i'm really looking forward to seeing her new pieces. i made some components for one of her outfits, and i think it is going to be really cool! her show is this thursday! more info here.

friday i'm driving up to seattle to attend the opening of ryan heshka's new show at roq la rue gallery. they posted a preview of the paintings that will be shown, and the show practically sold out immediately. i'm hoping someone bought this one for me!

that's about all news i've got for today. i'm hoping my next post will include some exciting pics from one of the other puppets i've been working on!

p.s. i can't believe that as of this coming sunday it will have been a WHOLE YEAR since i wrapped on coraline. where does the time go?!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy, really great seeing all your updates! I would say "hope things are going well" but they certainly seem to be :o) That pumpkin man is BEAUTIFUL.


jriggity said...

That armature looks great man!

finding alot of work is good.....

keep having fun!!


Anonymous said...
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Yuji said...

Armature looks great! Can you post some pics of the others you mentioned?

j.spake said...

soon! its been a hectic couple of months.

Anonymous said...
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