merry christmas!

this place has been a ghost town for way too long! I KNOW! -i've got lots of fun things in the works for right after the new year, but for now i'm going to enjoy the holidays and try to remember what it felt like to be the little dude in this picture!


Stuart said...

Hey Jeremy,
I found your blog through a friend on stop-motion animation. I am working on a stop-motion short for my senior thesis. I was wondering if you had any information you could share with me on ball and socket armatures (books, tutorials, or just good advice). I am mostly concerned about making a face that is animatable.

Here is my last stopmo film if your interested called Dried Up. The puppets were all wire armatures with epoxy heads.


You can email me directly at stuart.bury@gmail.com.

Thanks for your time,


mefull said...

That's so boss, you got a cootie!

Looks like a pure slice of Americana and sure brings back memories.

Happy New Year